What do you like to do to help you relax?

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It is incredible how not using my phone for three days gave me so much rest and peace. I know that it is important to always be there for your clients, but they also have to understand that we need time off. I always send them a message when I am going to be out of the office, and I leave an automatic message in my email in case someone tries to contact me.


If you’re freelancer used to having the house to yourself during the day, and find yourself surrounded by people unused to structuring their time

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If people aren’t understanding the difference between work and not-work time, it might feel silly but you can actually talk as though your office is outside the house.

Routine to the Rescue

Feeling Ripped Off

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GM Potter Writes

So, in an effort to do more writing, I signed up for one of those freelance writing platforms advertised just about everywhere.

I know what you’re thinking, that sounds like a scam. And you’re right, but all of the research I’d done prior to handing them my credit info suggested that they were legit.

I checked reviews and articles mentioning the service. I compared it to other services available. I thought I’d found something real.

And maybe I did, but they promised to teach me copy writing and connect me with jobs in that field.

They didn’t.

Their “training courses” consisted of several videos, all less than seven minutes. They didn’t go into what any of the acronyms meant and they didn’t deliver on teaching anything.

Most of what they talked about, I already knew from a very outdated book I’d previously purchased second hand. They were charging around $50…

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Fools rush in

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Crooked Little Arrow

How very unusual that I would be in all guns blazing with this blog thing and money saving and then not actually follow up and do either. Seriously though, why I am where I am is an inability to control the impulse of want it now and throwing down only to get bored and distracted and find another impulse to take my time for 5 minutes.

I don’t even remember how the brilliant money challenges went because I didn’t really follow through properly, colour me shocked. But I did go to Europe for 3 months in 2017 and to Morocco and Europe for another 6 weeks last year, so I guess I did something right? *shrug emoji*

I’m not going to lie, I am currently sitting at my desk at work as I write this, clearly not doing my work. I am just as, if not more disillusioned with the 9-5…

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Why I Charge Premium Rates for Premium Results

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Web Musings

I love freelancing it’s one of the best ways to work where I can work from anywhere in the world if I want and basically make rules or not as I go.  I have grown a lot since I started this journey learned what I can tolerate and what I absolutely will not tolerate any longer.

One of the things I will not do ever again is charge really low rates.  Charging low rates not only devalues my work it does not help the clients that I want to work with, to hold the both of us to a much higher standard where we work together to receive a mutually beneficial result in our businesses.

I provide them with the means to grow and expand their businesses beyond what they can imagine and they provide me with the monetary support I need in order to continue to provide solutions to…

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