Working as a VA [is] really about the satisfaction I get from knowing that I was able to help my clients build successful online businesses because of what I do

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I’m super grateful to the internet and to advances in technology because years ago, this would have not been possible. I’ve always known that I would be drawn to things related to computers and internet because I was very passionate about it when I was younger and now I know why. God already prepared me for this career years ago. I always knew it.

However you feel about [a freelance work rejection], you’re allowed to feel — but try to keep those feelings in perspective

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Focus on the wins. When I was only a few months into freelancing I pitched for a big contract that in my mind, I had no real hope of getting. Instead I got to interview stage, and whilst I ultimately didn’t get the job, I felt really good about the rejection. Why? First of all, I got to interview stage when I didn’t even expect a response. Secondly, following feedback I learnt that I’d been up against two long-established companies who could bring extra resources to the table. And finally, I made a new connection which has since led to another contract.

Work from home now means our previously relaxing and disengaging environment is mixed with a stressful output driven environment; simply segregating the two while in the same space takes a lot of energy

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The ills of being distracted not only impact our work but also our intimate relationships. Individuals who tend to often check their phone, day dream or walk away in the midst of a conversation are likely to experience less fulfilment in their relationships. This will undoubtedly impact the connection they form with their partners and friends.

I can’t afford to spend all my time doing work for free, which is why I have another job

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In one whole year, I made $700 creating sponsored content – just sponsored content. Not even the stuff I post on the regular. Around six hours a day with maybe one or two days off a week to do very minimal work and relax for $700 in the entire year.